“We deal with people, not resumes – building one relationship at a time, our experience and reputation for quality ensures the highest level of professionalism for both client and contractor.”


“To be the quality service provider of choice in our market niche of Commissioning and Start-Up specialists, in the eyes of client and contractor”

Experience, Integrity, Quality & Professionalism

At CBM, we exercise a strategy of total quality commitment to both our clients and contractors. Our specific market niche of Commissioning and Start-Up specialists separates us from our competitors. Through our sole focus on this area and the skill sets associated with them, we have successfully built, maintained and continue to grow a strong work force of highly skilled and trained professionals. Our extensive relationships and communication with both client and contractor have ensured that we have continually met our peak workloads and maintained a loyal work force. In maintaining these intimate working relationships, it has enabled us to fine tune our search and identify the best suited consultant for each client’s unique project requirement(s).