CBM Projects Inc. specializes in the provision of highly skilled and experienced personnel who have assisted in all activities associated with commissioning and start-up.

The scope of these activities includes:

  • Define Mechanical Completion, Turnover and Commissioning
  • Develop an Integrated Commissioning and Start-Up Schedule and Plan
  • Identify Resources and relevant Training required to execute Commissioning and Start-Up Plan
  • Develop Commissioning Budget
  • Establish and Identify Systems, Sub-Systems and their boundaries
  • Develop Commissioning Procedures
  • Provide Operational and Maintenance input during Detailed Design.  Including participation in all HAZOP and Model reviews
  • Develop Standard Operating, and Safety Procedures
  • Establish detailed Commissioning Schedule, integrate with Project Master Schedule and ensure adherence to same
  • Establish Responsibility Matrices and Check Sheets
  • Establish System Acceptance Criteria, including all QC and Documentation Requirements
  • Manage the Acceptance and Turnover activities, including Multi –discipline Walk-down and Deficiency management
  • Complete all Pre-Commissioning activities, including Flushing, Cleaning, Functional and System Integrity Checks

Our corporate model also allows us to act as an agent for other disciplines and skill sets as required by our clients but we deal predominantly with technical consultants.